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If you are enterprising, you might be happy to put a few pounds on the refrigerator or toilet tank and call it a shelf. Why spend money on a showcase when you’d rather save it to buy new books, toys, and gadgets for your collection?

Buy shelves on Wayfair

While these are valid concerns for a frugal shopper, think about the premise of it – you clearly care a lot about something if you’ve made it a hobby to collect it. It should be an incentive to invest in attractive and effective display. If not, it’s also worth mentioning the mass of awesome library offerings available at Wayfair.

From minimal floating shelves to room-filling library display cases, you can save hundreds of dollars on a sleek new display solution at Wayfair. Saving money is great, but nothing beats the pride and satisfaction of a carefully preserved monument to your favorite things.

The best current library deals on Wayfair

Buying something as mundane as a bookshelf might seem like a snap, but there are a few factors you should consider before hitting the first bargain you see. Along with your budget, you should also think about where you plan to place your bookshelf, what will be displayed there, and what style of shelving will best showcase your collection of books, fandom swag, tech gear, and more. collectibles.

Wabansia Ladder Shelf and Abarca 3 Piece Solid Wood Floating Shelf in Pine

Credit: Wayfair

Economical libraries under $ 75

If you’d rather save your money for things to display on your shelf, Wayfair has dozens of affordable bookcases that cost less than $ 75. Until you’re ready to purchase a wall-to-wall bookcase shelf, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a size or style that suits your space.

Tip to save: Don’t have the cash on hand for the library of your dreams? It may take some patience and diligence, but you can save anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred by waiting for an open box model to be available. On the Category Search page, look for the red text that says “Open Box Price” below the regular price.

Cowles geometric bookcase and cube bookcase in solid wood seo

Credit: Wayfair

Show yourself with a big shelf

It doesn’t matter what you collect, be it books, action figures, gadgets or toys – if you’ve spent a lot of time and money collecting whatever treasure you want, you may need to upgrade your exhibition area. Rather than keeping your Funko Pops shoulder to shoulder in a small group of vinyl records, wouldn’t you prefer to leave enough space for each of your precious acquisitions?

Bolan Zboard Paperboard Cube Lundquist Bookcase and Corner Bookcase

Credit: Wayfair

Space-saving bookcases

Small spaces, small collectibles, and small budgets are all major considerations when buying a new bookcase. While you can go for a small or narrow shelving unit, it’s not your only option – Wayfair offers a wide variety of corner shelving, stackable modular components, and floating shelving designed for maximum efficiency. space. Many of these small shelves feature customizable elements, so you can create a custom shelf for your unique space.

Vicki geometric bookcase and swenson geometric bookcase

Credit: Wayfair

Creative shelf designs

If you’re tired of displaying your carefully curated collection of collectibles and fandom art on a boring, sterile standard bookcase, consider ditching it for a more expressive shelving unit. When you add the unusual outlines of a geometric bookshelf or ladder bookcase to a room, it can transform the aesthetic of the space with whatever you display.

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