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Chantel Jimeno is known for her dramatic family, but The Family Chantel star has been mostly looking after her friends for the past year or so.

Chantel Jimeno, née Everett, of The Chantel family has built a successful influencer career for herself and has been enjoying her life over the past year. Chantel took care of the break between seasons 2 and 3 of the hit 90 day fiancé derivative show. The Atlanta-based beauty has been living her best life with her friends, however. The Chantel family star has not escaped criticism.

Chantel first entered the reality TV scene on 90 day fiancé. The bad blood between his dramatic family and his native Dominican partner Pedro Jimeno led to a memorable drama for audiences. While Chantel is considered one of the franchise’s great physical beauties, she has been hassled by plastic surgery rumors that she has regularly denied. Meanwhile, Chantel’s long-standing feud with sister-in-law Nicole Jimeno will reach new heights in The Chantel family season 3.

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While many people have known the limits of the pandemic over the past year, Chantel has not held back when it comes to travel. Chantel has been criticized by her followers for organizing several tropical girl trips with her close friends over the past year, which has seen the ladies leave the country for poolside and beach getaways. Chantel’s Instagram, @chantel_j_, features her travels, as well as modeling sessions and paid recommendations. Chantel also celebrated a milestone at the start of the year, as she struck three decades of life with a week of festivities with friends and family. Meanwhile, Chantel will soon become aunt as her brother Royal and his wife Angenette are expecting a baby boy. As for the job, it’s unclear if Chantel is currently a nurse, although she has given indications that she may be.

Chantel The Chantel Family

Although Chantel has chosen to travel with her friends and doesn’t share many photos with her husband, her marriage to Pedro seems to be going well. The couple are known to comment on flirty things online, and Chantel frequently accompanies her fitness fanatic husband to the gym. However, the couple will be shaken by the drama in season 3. Previews for The Chantel family Season 3 shows Nicole accusing Pedro of cheating on Chantel with her friend Coraima. Meanwhile, Chantel’s nightmares could come true if Lidia and Nicole move to the United States to be closer to Pedro.

Although Chantel is undeniably the star of The Chantel family, she seems to be stepping back for some of the storylines in Season 3. Pedro will be at the center of the drama along with Nicole and Alejandro, and he’ll also toast his mom Lidia about his dad. Chantel’s big storyline appears to be buying a house, though she’s also likely to face Nicole’s fallout. Chantel will be back to air more drama when The Chantel family Season 3 will air on Monday, October 11.

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