What is Louis Vuitton doing in the world of video games?


On the occasion of the 200me anniversary of its founder, Louis Vuitton has just launched a small game for mobile, called Louis: The game. The French luxury brand is far from being the first to want to seduce players.

Wednesday August 4, to celebrate the 200me anniversary of the birth in the Jura of its founder Louis Vuitton, the brand with the famous monogram has launched a small video game. Baptized Louis: the game (“Louis: the game”) and available on Android and iOS, presents Vivienne, the mascot of the luxury company. “On his way to celebrate a birthday, he crosses a fantastic landscape in which he must collect objects, such as candles, which unlock postcards” who “Reveal information and anecdotes” on Louis Vuitton and his company, now owned by the French group LVMH, describes the American site Quartz. Thirty non-fungible tokens (TVN) are in play.

The game has just started

What is Louis Vuitton doing in the world of mobile games? Quartz is quick to give the answer:

The big challenge for a company as old as Louis Vuitton is to continue to attract the younger generations. If you want to persist for another 150 years, you need to build relationships with young people, who will become future buyers, and not just focus on your current customers. “

As you remember QuartzThis is not the first time that Louis Vuitton has played on the popularity of video games in an attempt to sell its products. In 2019, as part of a partnership with the publisher Riot Games, Nicolas Ghesquière, the house stylist, dressed Qiyana, a character from the famous League of Legends, and Louis Vuitton immediately launched a capsule collection inspired by video games.

More generally, in the luxury sector, many companies competing with Louis Vuitton have integrated video games into their marketing strategy. Valentino and Marc Jacobs, for example, designed wardrobes for the characters ofAnimal crossing. Gucci recently opened an in-game store Roblox and last year, Balenciaga simply created a video game called The afterlife: the era of tomorrow, to present its new collection and bypass the health restrictions imposed by Covid-19 on parade organizers.

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