What is Solchicks, the latest PTE game

Now, gambling is not just a hobby as it is a multi-billion dollar industry. People earn money by playing games. You can also find games that use crypto-based blockchain technologies. Play-to-earn games allow players to generate revenue through cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Now, only game developers and distributors will not make a profit from games. Blockchain games allow players to exchange various in-game items for cryptocurrency, and you can exchange them for cash. Also, they can convert their in-game items into NFTs and sell them on a marketplace. Many people have earned enough to pay for their lives through blockchain games.

Blockchain technology has completely transformed the gaming industry. There is security for the ownership of digital assets and gaming items. All transactions of gaming NFTs occur on the secure blockchain network. It cannot be modified or moved. So you can also earn valuable in-game digital assets by playing the best blockchain p2e game. You can also enjoy player versus player games that use blockchain technology. People can discover many blockchain games, but selecting one is not easy. Here we are going to tell you about the PvP and P2E game named SolChicks, so keep reading for more information:

About SolChicks

SolChicks is the latest gambling fantasy game that uses the Solana blockchain. This game is gaining popularity everywhere. It features chicken characters named SolChicks that players must collect and breed to earn rewards. SolChicks are also nice NFT collectibles. There are a total of 10,000 unique SolChicks available in this P2E game. Also, you can sell or buy them as NFTs through this game. Players can also earn $CHICKS tokens as rewards in this game. It also gives rewards to players for spending time and completing missions.

The best thing about the SolChicks game is that it uses the Solana blockchain. Transactions of game items and assets will be recorded in this blockchain. Additionally, the ownership record of NFTs is present on the blockchain. The SolChicks game aims to bring players together for the best gaming experience and earn money from it. SolChicks is created and carefully designed by professional artists. A dedicated team of over 60 members behind this unique project. Big blockchain leaders like Brave Browser and Chainlink are involved in this project.

Gameplay of Solchicks

The story of this PTE game revolves around the SolChicks, a breed of fighting chickens from the planet Chicco. They are brave chickens that have an adorable appearance. Budding SolChicks learn to walk, then they are trained to compete in tournaments and show off their strengths. They get stronger with experience. In 2021, a tragedy occurred when SolFox attacked SolChicks in Chicco. Only a few SolChicks survived SolFox’s attack. They are present in their new home in the Solana blockchain. Now players must join them to complete their mission.

There are 10,000 original SolChicks, and each one is distinctive. Players who have two can breed them to produce SolEggs. Players will need to progress their SolChicks through 60 levels, including Tutorial, Beginner and Progression, and Endgame. You can also customize SolChicks by purchasing and adding NFT attributes. You need to bond with your SolChick by feeding it and participating in player vs player battles. There are five categories of SolChicks rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythical, and Legendary. Their attributes manifest through their head, eyes, accessories, clothes, shoes, and background. Thus, SolChicks is an exciting game that all blockchain game lovers will enjoy.

Make money with SolChicks

There are many ways to earn money through SolChicks PVP game. The first way is to progress through the game and complete the missions. Players get rewards for their effort and time investment in the game. They have to compete with other players to top the leaderboards. Thus, players need to be the top performers to win many exciting rewards like $CHICKS. Thus, $Chicks are in-game tokens of the SolChicks game. There is a fixed supply of 10 billion CHICKS tokens. Players also use the in-game currency SolCoins to enhance their gameplay. Another way to make money from this game is to sell the game items and rewards as NFTs in the marketplaces.

Players must collect SolChicks and they can use them as NFTs. Also, you need at least one SolChicks NFT to start the game. You can also breed SolChicks to get the special NFTs. You need two SolChicks NFT with levels 45 and above for breeding. After that, you will get SolEggs which will turn into a unique SolChick in seven days. Players can trade these NFTs on the markets and make a profit. Trading SolChicks NFTs is best done through these platforms: Solanart, DigitalEyes, Solshop, Solsea, MagicEdene and FTX US.

Start playing SolChicks

You can visit the SolChicks official website and access the demo version of the game. You need to select the Play our Game Demo button on the website. After that, you need to connect your Twitter account to the site. Additionally, players must provide details like name, email address, etc. You should also subscribe to SolChicks tweets. You can access the demo version of the game after completing the process.

Then you have to choose your character from the SolChicks categories like Bishop, Gladiator or Wizard. Players should start bonding with the SolChicks and participate in PvP battles and raids. In this process, you will earn SolCoins to improve your game. Additionally, you will get the in-game rewards and then you can start exchanging in-game assets like NFTs.


So, SolChicks is the perfect game through which you can earn money. It is very different from other P2E games. You can get rewards in the form of in-game tokens and NFTs. Additionally, players can participate in PvP modes and raids and experience something new. This metaverse game has best features and excellent gameplay.

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