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With the help of social media and the growing number of pop culture conventions happening year round, cosplay has become more mainstream than ever. But have you wondered what is the most popular anime cosplay today?

To see which fictional characters are the most popular for cosplaying right now, shop online Zavvi took a look at the most frequently used hashtags on Instagram, and the results of their research found Harley quinn to be the most famous character to portray among cosplayers.

Joining Harley in the Top 10 are her fellow DC characters on Joker (in third position), Batman (in fourth), Wonder woman (in eighth), and Poisonous sumac (in tenth). Marvel, which is DC’s longtime rival, only gets two spots in the Top 10: Spider Man second and dead Pool in sixth place. Completing the Top 10 are characters from the manga and anime series My hero university. They are Mojo (in fifth place), Todroki (in seventh), and Bakougou (in ninth).

Although Marvel has become a dominant presence in the entertainment industry since the 2008 release of Iron Man which kicked off the hit Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s clear DC also maintains a strong fan base keen to celebrate their favorite heroes and villains through cosplay. According to Google Analytics, DC saw a 48% growth in search volume from 2019 to 2021.

“Our customers have always shown a love and passion for DC Comics characters,” Declan Murphy, Zavvi Marketing Director, said in a statement. “We have seen substantial demand for our DC-based products and expect the brand to remain a mainstay of the pop culture community for the foreseeable future. These recent discoveries are clear proof of this. “

Five Disney Princesses were also featured in the Top 30 Most Popular Characters for Cosplay. They are Elsa (in twelfth position), Ariel (to the fifteenth), Beautiful (on the twenty-third), Rapunzel (on the twenty-fifth), and Anne (in twenty-eighth). The Star wars franchise, meanwhile, only scores one spot in the Top 30, and that belongs to Rey, who was played by Daisy Ridley in the Star wars sequel trilogy.

In addition to My hero university, five other anime franchises reached the Top 30. These are Naruto, The attack of the Titans, Demon slayer, and Tokyo Ghoul. Check out the detailed infographic below for the full breakdown:

Source: Zavvi

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