What this means for your zodiac sign

Wow, Dasher! Starting December 19, you’ll need to get your impulsiveness under control as the value-driven Venus spends six weeks retrograde in your sensitive second house, Sagittarius. Reality checks will be strong, so embrace the forced timeout. Where is your love life taking you? And how is your financial planning and management going? It won’t sound like a Cinderella story, but the truth is, you’ll be happy to put your glass slippers back on dry land. PS: would flipping those heels be the right thing to do for adults? It’s good to be whimsical, sultry, and decadent, but you might have to wrap up 2021 on a budget.

Problems with abandonment can flare up periodically, especially if your love life is changing. Don’t expect your partner to make everything better for you. Constant offers for reassurance could exhaust bae’s patience. (And frankly, Sag, “thirsty” isn’t a good idea for you.) Instead, adopt a stimulating routine that involves regular workouts, healthy eating, and developing your personal interests. It probably won’t take more than 24 hours to regain your confidence once you remember how much you enjoy reading fiction, painting with watercolors, and listening to professional podcasts.

Warning: stubbornness and righteousness could interrupt peaceful coexistence. Are you the rare Archer who recoils too quickly after a fight? Watch out for the world! This retrograde will give you the backbone to fend off all “strong personalities”. But if the anger and frustration have built up, don’t unleash that rage on your loved ones. First of all, try to burn it off with exercise. Even retrograde, Venus wants to help you bring back the feelings of love; not burn those bridges to the ground.

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