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For model Winnie Harlow, keeping skin clear and healthy is key as the cameras follow her on and off set. And given her vitiligo, protecting Harlow’s skin from the sun is especially important. However, whether dry skin or not, making sure you invest in good sunscreen products is essential for everyone, which is why we’re so excited to unveil Harlow’s brainchild which has been in the works for more than two years, CAY SKIN.

Traveling the world for photo shoots is Harlow’s lifestyle, and while it can be partly glamorous, there are also plenty of less glamorous moments that don’t make it to Instagram. In fact, the founding story of CAY SKIN is a prime example of the unseen circumstances models go through, however, Harlow turned a photo shoot tragedy into a treasure.

“It all started in 2018, I was on set shooting on the beach for two days from sunrise to sunset in the Bahamas,” Harlow says. PETROL. “I’m Jamaican, but Jamaica has nothing on the Bahamian sun – it’s hot. By the end of the second day, I was so burnt out because on set nobody really wanted me to put sunscreen back on because it didn’t look good. There were blue casts, silver casts, and purple casts that left a bad tone on my skin, so I ended up with horrible sunburns that the doctors had to treat.

She continued, “I was disappointed that I didn’t apply sunscreen, but also disappointed that there was nothing out there that gave me the look I wanted and the protection I wanted, so I I decided to take it in hand and create BANK OF SAND.”

Inspired by Harlow’s Caribbean heritage and vitiligo, CAY SKIN is a lightweight, breathable skin, sun and body care brand that uses gentle, island ingredients to protect all skin tones and types. “CAY is named after cay like in the Caribbean, like small islands,” Harlow explained. “I just wanted the first brand I created to represent me and be something I could be really proud of. Not only does the name represent where I’m from, but I also have ingredients here that are representative like the sea ​​foam and hydrating nectar.

The brand launch includes four products, a range of sunscreens and skincare products designed for everyone under the sun, and expertly formulated to keep all skin tones and types protected, glowing and without white cast iron. CAY SKIN creates a new standard in daily sun care with a range of lightweight, vegan formulas that are comfortable to wear. “I wanted to make sure it was safe to use for people who have sensitive skin, who have vitiligo, who are fair, dark, any color under the sun,” Harlow said. “I wanted it to be beneficial for everyone because everyone needs sun care and protection from the sun.”

Ingredients aside, the Jamaican-Canadian model made sure she considered all people in more than one way when creating CAY SKIN – even down to attractiveness. She spoke about the decision not to go for the brand’s super girly aesthetic and opt for neutral tones instead. “I wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable putting this on their counters and making sure they made protecting their skin a priority,” she said.

In addition to protecting the skin from the sun, Harlow guarantees that each product will simultaneously nourish the skin. Building the line with intention in all facets has led CAY SKIN to leave no gaps unfilled. “I never want to fit into a mold,” Harlow says. “I like to find a void that needs to be filled and fill it. So the same way I came into the modeling industry and saw that there was a lack of diversity and I wanted being part of the fixation movement is the same way I saw this gap in the cosmetics industry, where there wasn’t something that I felt everyone could use, feel protected and feel sexy.

CAY SKIN is available to purchase now at and will be exclusively available at Sephora from April 2022. Discover and shop the full version of CAY SKIN coming soon.

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