Yolanda Hadid Catches Heat Online, Why?

Old RHOBH Star Yolanda Hadid is in the spotlight for a choice she made over a decade ago. Although she is proud to be a doting mother and grandmother, she struggled. Now, a decision involving her youngest daughter, Bella, has resurfaced and shows Yolanda in a bad light.

RHOBH Welcomes Yolanda and her family

Yolanda became a key figure on the hit reality series Bravo during Season 3. At the time, she was married to songwriter, musician and producer David Foster. Although they had no children, Yolanda had three children from her previous marriage to property developer Mohamed Hadid. Her eldest daughter, Gigi, was still in high school but was just beginning to dabble in the modeling world. She was at photo shoots to support Gigi and even helped her move into her college apartment. Her family meant the world to her and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for them.

As Yolanda’s time progressed in the series, she began to physically distance herself. She learned she had Lyme disease which caused her brain and body to atrophy. This caused a lot of dissension in the group even after two of his children were also found to have Lyme. Eventually, as a middle child, Bella began modeling like her older sister Gigi, but Yolanda’s world fell apart again. She and David announced their split as she left the RHOBH. Yolanda has remained fairly low-key with a few exceptions, but she is now facing public scrutiny. Unfortunately, this involves his beloved children.

What did Yolanda do?

In a recent vogue interview, Bella, Yolanda’s model daughter, opened up about her personal struggles. Screen Rant shared interview details. Over the years, there have been questions about whether the 25-year-old could have plastic surgery. She finally opened up and admitted that she had had her nose done. Apparently it doesn’t matter. However, the biggest problem is the fact that she was only fourteen when she underwent the procedure. This means that his parents Mohamed and Yolanda had to sign.

Credit: Yolanda Hadid IG

Unfortunately, Bella now regrets having had her nose done as she wished she had kept her original family’s nose. She had no idea that she would probably grow up there as she got older. Although fans loved Yolanda on RHOBH, they now wonder what she was thinking allowing Bella to do this at fourteen. Fans also reflect on her time on the show and see how great she was in her daughter’s appearance. She was on their sets, making negative comments, even saying she thought Gigi was a “lesbian” for playing volleyball.

Credit: TLC

Yolanda has yet to speak about the nose job situation or why she allowed her daughter to have it so young. Do you think it can be explained? Fourteen is too young for aesthetic reasons and has that changed your feelings towards Yolanda? Let us know your feelings in the comments below.

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