You need to play the most underrated RPG of 2021 ASAP

There was a lot of video games released in 2021. Approximately 3000 new titles spear just on Steam This year. Suppose you are a hardcore PCMR and you give a conservative five hours per game, that’s 15,000 hours that you would need to find to play it all.

On one platform. And you would need to bend spacetime to do that, too, because that’s about double the number of hours that exist in a year. The point is, you’re going to miss stuff. And that’s OK! That’s why you read Reverse. We love to tell you what you shouldn’t miss.

What you shouldn’t miss this year (but probably did) is Wild myth. This Highly rated RPG from Worldwalker Games combines turn-based tactical gameplay with procedural storytelling to deliver the feel of an epic D&D campaign without all of the introverted-introverted-organizational-unreliable side of things. Like all the best RPGs, Wild myth has a soul.

If you expect a grandiose tale to live up to The banner saga Where Dragon age, think again. The structure of Wild myth is rooted in myths, and any good myth takes time. The “story” through which you play with your various characters is divided into chapters, but these can span decades. Heroes will retire, have children, become business owners, all kinds of things you would expect from anyone living in a feudal fantasy world. You can add retired heroes to a list of legends that draw them into other stories that you create in the following parts. It’s so gratifying to see a beloved hero make a triumphant return.

What really stands out in Wild myth is the branching narrative structure that results from the many procedurally generated encounters. The writing here is sublime. The encounters cover a range of potential stories from traditional law and hero commands to bizarre curses, from mystical roadside travelers to intra-group gossip.

Stories will change over time.World Walkers Games

Not only does this system create complex relationships between your characters, but your relationship with them as well. Sometimes you have to choose life or death, and saying goodbye to a beloved hero can be brutal. There are also enough surprises that a seemingly mundane choice could have unintended consequences. It’s amazing how much variety there is in this narrative mechanic and that alone could make you play it over and over again.

This is coupled with a rock solid RPG base. Characters have classes and traits as you’d expect, and those traits (poet, hothead, leader, etc.) take a heavy toll on the results of your story choices and relationships. You also have an impact on the world. You will be able to develop upgrades in the different villages you visit, adding an element of resource management which in itself can be addicting.

The fight takes place on a grid.World Walkers Games

Combat is XCOM-flavored with a two-move turn-based system balanced enough to appeal to fans of tactics but accessible enough for anyone to get used to. The most notable combat characteristic is the mystic’s infusion ability which brings inanimate objects to life to aid you in battle. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fight a bookshelf, Wild myth has the answer.

Wild myth is available now on Steam.

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