Yu Yu Hakusho: 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked

by Yoshihiro Togashi Yu Yu Hakusho is a jewel in the crown of shonen anime. It is one of the first examples of the genre to portray its protagonist as a delinquent teenager, a pattern that was later borrowed by Bleach and parodied in kill her kill her. However, Yusuke does not have to fight his battles alone, given Yu Yu Hakushodepends on the power of friendship.

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There are quite a few major and minor characters in the story, most of which aren’t as powerful as the hero. That being said, strength is just one way to gauge an anime character‘s potential, and other factors include willpower, courage, fortune, and intelligence. Smarts don’t always save the day, but they certainly play a role from a long-term perspective.

ten Yusuke’s academic intelligence is overshadowed by his innate combat skills

Yusuke Urameshi wasn’t as lucky as her best friend growing up. Kuwabara had access to a family that loved and adored him, while the former had to fend for himself for the most part. As a result, however, Yusuke develops thick skin and street smarts, two traits that serve him well throughout the storyline.

However, while his academic intelligence is well below average, this does not apply to his innate combat abilities. Yusuke illustrates that his lack of combat experience is nothing more than a temporary setback.

9 Raizen never needs to resort to subtlety given his overwhelming strength

Raizen, the strongest of the Three Wise Men of Makai and former ancestor of Yusuke, doesn’t really resort to subtlety as his strength far exceeds that of everyone else in the world. Yu Yu Hakusho universe by a mile. He keeps his age-old promise to the unnamed woman he fell in love with and consequently deteriorates to the point of emaciation.

This dedication is extremely impressive, but his friends and subordinates believe that Raizen could have found other ways to survive. That being said, Raizen is quick enough to commandeer Yusuke’s body and end the battle with Sensui.

8 Sensui is smart enough to enter the world of demons

Shinobu Sensui, the first Spirit Detective, was once a law-abiding citizen who took on the responsibilities of his job with unwavering dedication. After experiencing “The Feast of Human Vices”, a gruesome ritual where humans tormented captured demons to gruesome levels, Sensui’s spirit breaks.

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This generates multiple personalities in his consciousness and forces him to re-evaluate his life choices. Sensui’s intellect is clearly superior to most people in the series, given that he actually manages to break into the demon world.

seven Ichigaki’s inventive talents are important, regardless of his unethical conduct

Ichigaki, a monstrous charlatan disguised as a doctor, promises to cure the dying Metamura in exchange for experimenting on the latter’s students: Ryo, En and Kai. He subjects his unfortunate victims to Beruki, a techno-biological prosthesis of his own invention, converting them into mindless drones.

Garaki’s cockiness and disregard for research ethics might be offensive to anyone with an ounce of compassion in their veins, but it highlights his courage as a brilliant scientist.

6 Hiei is by no means ignorant when it comes to handling dangerous techniques

Hiei’s brooding demeanor is the source of much humor for fans of the series, though Kuwabara doesn’t take the short demon’s insulting barbs lightly. Considering his early childhood, this is not surprising.

Hiei believes the world to be hostile by nature, which is why he reacts to offers of friendship with belligerence. On the other hand, Hiei is by no means ignorant when it comes to combat, especially in terms of handling and manifesting the Wicked King Immolation Black Dragon Wave technique.

5 Koenma’s common sense and integrity ensure its future position as the leader of the spirit world.

Koenma’s toddler appearance is a factor in his lack of age. In fact, he possesses the wisdom and power required for one in his exalted position. Although young Koenma tends to exercise his authority as if it were a divine right, he understands that composure and common sense are far more essential than outright recklessness.

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In fact, the manga’s storyline shows Koenma usurping the throne of the spirit world after deposing his own father for committing terrible bureaucratic atrocities against the human world.

4 Shizuru wields enormous psychological influence over her friends and allies

Shizuru, Kuwabara’s big sister, is as different from him as fire is from water. She bears no patience for irrational characters, including her allies. Shizuru’s personality can be described as a mixture of easygoing and cynical, traits that don’t clash so much as they combine in unexpected ways.

Shizuru is fully aware that her powers are meaningless in front of her superpowered friends, but that doesn’t stop her from exerting her influence over them. By the end of the story, she essentially forces Kuwabara to give up his fighting habits in favor of focusing on his studies.

3 Suzuki’s narcissism is blatant, but he develops several truly spectacular inventions

Suzuki shows up in the Dark Tournament in a carefully crafted disguise – his old man guise fooling everyone but Genkai. While he is best known for his unbridled arrogance and narcissism, suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of an old woman triggers a drastic change in his personality.

Suzuki’s innovative genius allows him to devise several truly spellbinding inventions, from the age-reversing Gyaku Tamatebako to the space-bending Shide no Hagoromo.

2 Kurama Cunning, patience and compassion work together in harmony

Despite his overly compassionate nature as a human, Kurama’s true nature as a Machiavellian Yoko emerges midway through the Dark Tournament Saga. That said, both versions of the character prove to be equally cunning.

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Kurama rarely rushes into battle haphazardly. Instead, he waits for his opponents to spend all of their moves before unleashing his own devastating attacks. Kurama is caught off guard fewer times than any other character in Yu Yu Hakusho.

1 Genkai’s perspective is generally driven by pragmatism, not emotions

Genkai’s unparalleled spiritual power and martial prowess are evident early on, but the depths of his overwhelming intelligence remain to be plumbed. She trains for decades in order to refine her greatest achievement, the Spirit Wave Orb, which she later bequeaths to Yusuke as a reward for his accomplishments.

Genkai’s perspective is generally not diluted by emotions. On the contrary, she almost always takes the most efficient path to victory, however immoral that may seem to others. By the way, Genkai is exceptionally good at playing video games, effortlessly beating Tsukihito Amanuma’s Game Battler.

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